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Three Traits of Successful Leaders

I have been thinking about the personal behavioural traits of successful leaders. We have had some challenging times over the past twelve months and different companies have handled things in different ways. The three personal traits or behaviours I have observed amongst my clients, necessary to be successful are:

Openness and decisiveness. A willingness to listen to a range of views and advice from within their team and then an ability to quickly make a decision and then drive activity towards achieving the outcome.

Accountability. They hold people accountable for promises made and not kept and for outcomes of actions and not simply activity or following process. They appreciate their people holding them accountable also.

Clarity. They are clear when communicating a plan and have clear metrics conveying whether you are making progress according to it or not.

If you or anyone you know is looking to:

  • improve the way their business operates;
  • improve the way they leverage their current system;
  • replace their current system;

then give me a call for a confidential discussion on the best way to achieve this.


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