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David has written and/or collaborated on a number of books and eBooks. You can find links to download or purchase each below.

The 14 Deadly Sins of ERP Implementation

A handbook for C-suite executives on how to ensure your ERP Implementation doesn’t become the minefield of troubles, scope and budget overruns experienced by the majority of the industry.

ebook: Thriving in the New Business Environment: Why the Strategic Supply Chain Matters

Global supply chain experts, consultants and thought leaders explain why the strategic supply chain matters post-COVID, and provide their insights about where supply chain goes next in this first instalment of the series Thriving in the New Business Environment, produced by the Society for the Advancement of Consulting.

Acceleration! Business Advice for Small and Medium Enterprises

A collaboration with members of the Global Business Advisors Forums, this book brings advice from seven global experts who work with small, medium and large companies to help them grow, increase revenues and profits, and provide more value to their customers.

Traction: Business Advice for Small and Medium Enterprises

Next in the Certified Global SME Advisors® Series, this book includes advice on business strategy, setting priorities, enhancing your clarity, reducing risks, improving diversity, the power of focus, crisis leadership, pursuing rejection to achieve success, the metrics that matter most, and good governance.

The Future of Work: Business Advice for Small and Medium Enterprises

The third instalment in the Certified Global SME Advisors® Series focuses on three themes: rethink, redesign, and re-energize. It includes advice on re-evaluating your core values and vision, updating business strategy, updating your work environment, expecting disruption, sales best practices, supply chain management, leveraging technology throughout your business, future employees, and accelerating your progress.