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Results achieved for clients with manufacturing, warehousing and distribution businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States

Reap the benefits

My clients have experienced dramatic results from the work we’ve undertaken together, including:

  • Productivity improvements of up to 200%
  • Improved net profit levels, upwards of 35%
  • Reduced inventory levels of up to 75%
  • Improved customer service levels by 20%
  • Warranty cost reductions from 4% of sales down to 0.26%
  • Doubling of throughput capacity in a fast-moving warehouse environment with the same staffing levels
  • KPI measures that have changed the behaviour in the business

What could improvements like this mean for your bottom line?

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Case Studies

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My work comes as referrals from other satisfied clients.
Here’s what some of them have to say.

John Edwards

Lincom Pacific Equipment
“You have certainly made a difference – for the better – to Lincom and I’m sure lots of other businesses.”

Tim Forrest

Business Consultant
“Your support, guidance, friendship, and wisdom have profoundly influenced my life. Thank you!”

Terry Bloom

It’s a great read! I recommend it (or provide a copy) for all of our prospects”

Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Client Manager
When asked, by Microsoft, to recommend a person to run a D365 partner selection process for a legacy Dynamics customer to upgrade them to D365. I could not think of any better person than you. I don’t know any person not working for a D365 partner who knows more about D365 partners than David!”


“I don’t think we would still be in business if we had not found you”


General Manager
“that’s the best money I have ever spent on IT”


Chief Executive Officer

“Best independent ERP advice in the business”


Major Manufacturing Industry Category Leader
“Very comprehensive providing good independent insights. There is much to consider and action if we are to build a successful and sustainable business.”

Greg O.

“If you’re thinking of taking on a new ERP implementation then book yourself a 20min virtual coffee with David. It’ll be the most valuable 20min investment you will make in your business. His passion and expertise shines.”

Name Withheld

“I always felt comfortable knowing you were there.”

Mark W.

“David has my utmost respect as a thought leader in Supply Chain Management and technology and his ability to lead and manage complex IT projects.”

Peter R.


“I would certainly include yours in my short-list of most useful ERP books.”

John E.

“David has the unique attributes of high technical ability along with practical ‘real-world’ experience and advice.”


Experienced Software Executive

“Love your approach to ERP. So refreshing”

Name Withheld

“David provided his “Sure Select” approach to the selection process for our new system. We relied on David’s expertise and advice in most steps along the way. He helped make the ERP landscape comprehensible to the management team where he fully explained the rationale behind the steps we were taking and the pitfalls we were avoiding. He quickly understood our business and the value a new system would make to it and helped us articulate our requirements to the software vendors. He provided full and frank advice during the process while displaying complete impartially at all times. He held the vendor and us accountable for our actions and assisted in the contract negotiation process. David has always presented himself in a professional way and as such, I highly recommend David to anyone undertaking an ERP project. Perhaps the highest recommendation is that we will be engaging David to help us in the implementation of our new system.”

Name Withheld

General Manager
“I found David to be a very strong leader, both with his team and also in managing key internal and external stakeholders. He is a strong communicator, a passionate conceptual thinker and strategist. There were many examples of where David challenged status quo business processes searching for better ways of doing things. I believe David is at his best where he is in a position of leading change and managing key relationships with a strong team to execute the plan. “
If you have a business in Australia, New Zealand, Asia or the US with a turnover of $20 million+, and an inventory component to your operations, why not get an objective assessment of the options available to help you achieve your business goals?

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