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An experienced ERP Consultant can give you that.

If you’re considering a major ERP investment for your business, would you like certainty that you’re spending the right money, on the right systems, for the right outcome?

How do you know your ERP investment is the right one?

Hi, I’m David Ogilvie, and I save your money, time and headaches for businesses like yours.

If you are a manufacturing, warehousing or distribution business in Australia, New Zealand or the USA, with a turnover of $20m/yr or more, and have an inventory component to your operation?

We should talk.

I have a Bachelor in business with a major in IT. But that’s not what makes me different. Most executives believe ERP to be an IT or an accounting responsibility. It’s far broader than that.

Most executives have little to no experience with ERP, yet they find themselves with the responsibility of making major decisions relating to it. Before they know it, they’re listening more than they should to sales-people who over-simplify the solution.

Or large accounting and consulting firms, who hand the whole project off to inexperienced juniors with nobody overseeing the work. (In spite of what they might claim)


I have 5 decades of real-world business experience. I grew up in a family business. We discussed profit and inventory control over our corn flakes. I’ve bought, sold and started many profitable businesses, and it’s this experience that informs my hands-on approach to your supply chain, operations and ERP challenges.

What does your business need?

Technically, I suppose it’s possible that a software developer you’ve never met has already tailored the exact solution your business needs… Before you even know it. But it’s unlikely.

That’s why I tailor every solution to the unique needs of the client.

That’s why I don’t offer generic spreadsheets as a solution or partial-solution to your one-of-a-kind requirements.

100% of my income comes from client fees.

I never take incentives or payments from suppliers. So 100% of my focus is on finding the solution that’s unique to YOUR business needs.

The team behind the name

I offer you big business security, with a small business level of service.

My team and I are all seasoned professionals. We don’t hand your case to new graduates with no real-world experience.

And when you call my number?

You don’t get a reception desk somewhere. My phone rings, and I answer your call.

If you want truly independent, actionable advice that will promote real change in your business?

Business owners and company executives come to me for down to earth, practical consulting, and advice that adds value and to the business.

I make things happen.

Get in touch for an obligation-free conversation that will start you on the road to greater growth and more profits.

“I’m always happy to speak about you David, as I would even question if we would still be running if we hadn’t stumbled across you. “

Find out how you can take your business to the next level

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