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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Who needs them, what they do and how they benefit manufacturing, warehousing and distribution businesses.

Are your business systems interfering with your profit?

  • Is your Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management System, or Customer Relationship Management systems clunky and outdated?

  • Is your existing vendor no longer supporting the systems you use?

  • Are you drowning in spreadsheets trying to make sense of your operations?

  • Does it sometimes take days just to get your numbers updated?

  • Are manual processes slowing down your manufacturing plant or distribution centre?

  • Is overwhelm crushing you when you start to look for solutions?

  • Is your system’s capability (or your knowledge of it) preventing your growth?

  • Are you running out of parts and your manufacturing is suffering?

Then your business is probably operating at a fraction of its potential.

The solution is out there, but before you get fooled by slick sales talk or impossible promises, talk to an experienced ERP consultant.

Your business is changing, the world is changing, ERP is changing

There is no such thing as a perfect, one-size-fits-all solution to ERP.

Even the first commercial enterprise to adopt an inventory and production program (Black and Decker – 1964) quickly found they needed to adjust it to accommodate new demands.

Today’s solutions are far more sophisticated. But in spite of what the software vendors might tell you, none of them are perfect. The solution you need shouldn’t just address the problems your business is facing now. It should enhance your competitive advantage for the next 15 to 20 years.

I will help you find either the single system or combination of ‘best of breed’ systems that best suits your needs.

And because I NEVER take commissions or kickbacks from software vendors, you can be sure that my advice is truly independent. Every software vendor will tell you theirs is the last and only one you need.

Once in a while, they might even be right (because even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day), but MOST businesses (and probably your business) need to have their requirements assessed by an experienced and impartial professional BEFORE they spend a fortune on a ‘definitive’ solution.

My ‘sure-select’ methodology is designed to assess the unique needs of YOUR business, and tailor a solution based on:

  • The function requirements of your operation
  • The cultural fit between you and the software vendor
  • Geography
  • The strategic role ERP plays in your supply chain
  • Ongoing changes within your business
  • All other unique-to-you factors

If you’re not getting these considerations assessed by an independent third party, you can’t be sure you’re being sold the solution YOU need. 

Is your business prepared for the future?

The only thing changing faster than the needs of your business is the world around it.

Has your software vendor discussed the needs of your business 5 years from now?

Changes in your supplier’s business?

Changes in your customer’s business?

If they haven’t, are they truly offering you the best solution?

Because you can’t trust the future profitability of your business to just anybody.

Especially a software vendor who’s only looking for a commission.

“I have no hesitation in recommending David’s services and as further and perhaps the highest recommendation, we will shortly be re-engaging him.”

Find out how you can take your business to the next level

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