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Customer Service – anathema of modern day business

I had some experiences recently that reminded me how important your corporate language is. On both occasions the companies involved overused the wording: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused”, “Please hold as your call is important to us”. Seriously if I hear these again, I think I will explode. They are so overused they have lost any meaning, except that of: “We don’t care about you, you are nothing more than a number to us”.

Great service stands out. Companies that provide great service have empowered employees, that is they are able to make a decision that will impact their relationship with you. Not simply follow a process or worse still have some technology manage the process. (I had one company recently that their phone was NEVER off engaged. I am certain it was a policy to get everyone to use their website – disgraceful. I called at all hours of the day on all days of the week and EVERY TIME it was engaged, Thanks for nothing “Ticketmaster” )

Things you can do to ensure you don’t follow the masses into that ugly melting pot of disgraceful service are:

  • Have a real human speak to the customer
  • Don’t make the customer wait 20 min on hold
  • Actually have a phone number that works
  • Allow your customer service team to fix the problem. Don’t constrain them with policy

The level of service in this country is diminishing rapidly. This gives your business a greater opportunity to stand out – make sure you take that opportunity by providing outstanding service. It’s the best marketing campaign you can ever have. 
P.S. If there are any budding technology start-ups out there; there is a great opportunity to provide a decent concert and sporting ticketing service out there. One that actually takes the word service seriously. The ones we have at the moment are appalling.

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